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Facilitate Healing Growth Vitality with Ken Davis

Program: Are You Awake? Hosted by: Dr. Guldal Caba

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Awaken your Hidden Potential with Innerpathic Process

Dr Guldal Caba PhD NMD co-developer of "Innerpathic Process" a therapuetic process designed to facilitate healing/growth/vitality at the cellular level. Incorporating the multi-dimensions of humanity, body-mind-spirit to engage each individual to learn to listen to the "call of the soul." Based on the premise that we each have within us the desire/call to be pulled towards our greatest potential.

Feeling stuck in our lives is a common experience, but we can transcend!

Join us for a fun and inspirational talk radio show hosted by:

Dr. Guldal Caba practices out of Ohio, New York, and Turkey.

Fun and Inspirational Talk Radio...Making a Difference!

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