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How to Loose Weight with Weight Loss Artist Janice Taylor

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Janice Taylor is an author, health & wellness coach, guided imagery innovator, speaker, the creator of the very popular e-letter, Kick in the Tush Club, a featured blogger for The Huffington Post,,, the official Life Coach for Shape Magazine’s” Weight Loss Diary 2010” column and, last but not least, our country’s premiere Weight Loss Artist ®. (A Weight Loss Artist ® is someone who makes art about food instead of eating it and, in the process, loses weight.  Janice permanently removed over 50 pounds 8 years ago. ) 

Janice has been featured in O, the Oprah Magazine, New York Times, Good Housekeeping, Family Circle, Chicago Sun Times, LA Times,,, Fitness and Health magazine. She has appeared on numerous radio and television programs across the country including Discovery Health and Naomi's New Morning on the Hallmark Channel.

Her books Our Lady of Weight Loss and All Is Forgiven, Move On are undoubtedly some of the most creative, fun and engaging books on weight loss written.  They truly reflect Janice's creativity and kooky genius! 

In Our Lady of Weight Loss, Janice put a new, creative spin on weight loss, offering humor and art projects to make slimming down fun.  Janice says that her turning point came during a meeting at a weight loss center, when she decided to stop obsessively tracking the food she ate. Instead, she would create food-centric art whenever she had the urge to eat. She combined her artistic leanings with a childhood fascination with nuns (she lived near a convent as a kid; the kindly nuns never commented on her chubbiness) in a creative homage to Our Lady of Weight Loss, an inner voice that provides inspiration and support to Taylor.   

In her new book, “All is Forgiven, Move On” Janice writes about her personal bout with weight loss and how she finally came to the point of acceptance and forgiving herself. This shift in her mindset has provided her the inner strength and ability to not only lose the weight, but to keep it off for years.  She explains that to change our bodies we need to radically shift our attitude–get out of our ruts, forgive ourselves for past sins, and move on with a positive outlook.  


Both books include platterfuls of wonderful art, recipes and exercises that will engage the reader and get you moving in the right direction with your weight management program as well as life!


Q:  How can you live a life you love if you are only half-baked?

A:  You can’t!  Get fully baked.

Janice Taylor is the contemporary voice of reinvention and transformation, a best-selling author, personal coach, hypnotist, speaker and teacher who provides women with the information, inspiration, and tools they need to move from half-baked to fully-baked, from living a life of compromise to lives they love.

Oprah deemed Janice, who permanently removed over 50 pounds 8 years ago, a “kooky kind of genius” and included her classic, Our Lady of Weight Loss: Miraculous & Motivational Musings from the Patron Saint of Permanent Fat Removal, on the Oprah’s Book Club: Summer Reading 2009 list.

Janice Taylor on half-baked weight loss:

5 things you still don’t know about weight loss and didn’t even think to ask!

1.  Did you know that you cannot break a habit? Even though articles are written and headlines appear on just about every cover of every women’s magazine suggesting that you can break a habit in 21 days or less, neuroscience says that you cannot.  You can, however, create new, better and even stronger habits. The new habits will ‘takeover,’ while the old habit quietly naps in the recesses of your mind. Beware: At some point in time, one or more old habits will get triggered and wake from their peaceful slumber.   What will you do when your old habit wakes from its nap?

2. What’s the difference between you and an Olympic swimmer?  Seriously. With one great thrust off the side of the pool, the Olympic swimmer gracefully makes her way to the center of the pool, if not further.  With one great thrust off the side of the proverbial diet pool, pushing away from feeling deprived, defeated and depressed, you too, make your way to the center –And then what?  The Olympian knows where she is headed, do you?

3. What’s your stay fat strategy?  If you’re trying to lose weight and you are not, then you most definitely have created an effective ‘stay fat strategy.’  Think about it.  Perhaps you go food shopping when hungry, buy chips, cookies and cake for the kids (ha!), or turn your alarm off every morning, thus oversleeping, leaving no time for exercise.  I don’t know what you do, but you do!  List your top 10 ‘stay fat strategies’ and repeat after me, “I am a brilliant strategist!” Congrats.

4. Is your past masquerading as your future? When you hear yourself saying, “I always hit a plateau at …” or “I never …” or “The last time I lost weight …” then your past is masquerading as your future.  How is your past determining or limiting your future?

5. Are you drowning in drama? How often do you hear yourself saying, “The problem is ________,” or “I can’t lose weight because _________,” or “I’m trying to lose weight but _______?”  You are drowning in drama, my friend.  How are you going to push up from under and return to your vision, your goals?

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